Turnstile automatically tracks the users who click on your links, and provides you with their contact info.

Turnstile is Rich

Turnstile connects you with detailed user data from multiple sources, and lets you fill any gaps by directly asking your users for more info.

Turnstile is Frictionless

Turnstile interacts with users as little as possible. It asks a user for permission once, and then gets out of the way.

Turnstile is Seamless

Turnstile integrates into your applications to provide a smooth experience.

Harness your influence in a click and a whirl

Organize a contest and pick influential winners

Create a mailing list from your viewership

Reach out to the people who view your content

Monitor bonus content and identify your most loyal fans

Track and engage with your audience, on a first-name basis

Use multiple Turnstiles and perform A/B tests on your content